Google Calendar Event Reporting with GAT+

Need to run a report to see who has scheduled time in the Google Calendar? Elsewhere GAT+ reports on everyone’s event details, past and future. In this report GAT+ lets you look over a certain time period and total the amount of time each user spent in those events.

GAT+ lets Admins run scheduled reports to show the amount of time each user has allocated to events marked in their calendar.

First from the GAT+ home page, under ‘Reports’, select ‘Scheduled Reports’

Next select Calendar Events Stats and the press ‘New report’

GAT calendar event statsOnce in the new report, configure as to best suit your needs.

how to report on Google Calendar events with GAT

You can give the output report a name of your choice, if not it will default to ‘Calendar Events Stats’ and a date combination.

You can also ask the scheduler to look back a number of weeks and then select to run ‘Just Once’. This will generate a one-time historical report.

You can also make other selections such as looking back 1 week and then running the report every Monday to cover the previous week.

The report output will measure event durations in minutes for each user.

A sample of the output: