Google+ Audits with GAT+

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Google+ is a straightforward audit API from Google, but GAT tries to do what it always does best, bring you the maximum detail in the minimum number of search actions.

Auditing Google + with GAT

With our GAT+ audit, all the columns and search criteria are self explanatory, all you need to do is pull the figures you are looking for.

We are also folding the Google+ audit, along with most of our other audits into our ‘User Centered’ audit.

From the Home Page, under the ‘Users’ audit

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Select the Google+ Tab and search for any user, group or OU to see the Google+ detail for that individual or range of individuals.

The search context is preserved as you move across the tabs.

How to search for Google+ by User

GAT has always had a User audit, and over 2013 we gradually expanded this as we realized our Admins want to audit people, not just functions.

Through the user audit GAT has pivoted 90 degrees to give you the full audit view from the user perspective.