• How to grant access to GAT+

To access your Google Admin Console you need to be a Google Super Admin.

Click the Apps Launcher on the top right corner of your Chrome session and click on the Admin Icon:

Click on the “Apps” section:

Then click on the “Marketplace Apps”

Click on the “GAT+” App

You will need to click on the text “Grant data access”

Once access is granted, click on the “Edit service” on top right

And make sure it is ON for Everyone.

This is what you should see

To enable Classrooms for G Suite for Education

In the Google Apps Admin console, select ‘Apps’, ‘Google Apps’ and then’ Classroom’.

Under ‘Data access’ in ‘Classroom’ ensure that the check box for ‘Classroom API’ is ticked.

If this is your first time running GAT, please check out our Initial Run Problems page

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