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I am in the ‘View all users’ report, but some columns are empty, why?

The most likely cause is the provisioning API is not enabled – small change (see below)

Enabling the Provisioning API

Before using the Provisioning API, you need to explicitly enable it in the domain control panel. The multiple domain users and user aliases feeds along with the organization unit and organization user feeds require your control panel to be Next generation. The exact steps to enable the API are slightly different between current and Next generation panels:

To enable the Provisioning API for a Next generation control panel

  1. Log in to your admin account and select Domain settings.
  2. Select the User settings tab.
  3. Select the checkbox enabling the Provisioning API, and save your changes.

To enable the Provisioning API for a current control panel

  1. Log in to your admin account and select the Users and groups tab.
  2. Select the the Settings subtab.
  3. Select the checkbox to enable the Provisioning API and save your changes.

I have installed GAT+ but in the ‘View all users’ table I see no statistics for email, why?

You probably have not yet run the email Audit.  Also remember your first email audit takes a long time.  After you install GAT+Email and run the email audit for the first time, we pull out 1 month’s back email statistics for every account.  This can take some time.  When it’s finished, your table should then be populated.


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