• GAT initial run problems

If you have problems running GAT for the first time it is usually a simple problem. Don’t panic it is easy to fix.

First check if you have installed GAT+ in your account by clicking the waffle button:

If you can’t see this icon please install GAT from the G Suite Marketplace.

If GAT does not run – You installed GAT from a browser in ‘Incognito’ mode, you need to install GAT from a non-incognito tab on your Domain. GAT needs to know the identity of the installer. You also need to be a ‘Super Admin‘ on your domain.

GAT does not  ’Log in’ for you OR

GAT runs, but you do not get data – check the simple conditions below…

1. Go to the Google Admin Console and select ‘Security’ (see screenshot below)….

Select the ‘API reference’ and tick ‘Enable API Access’ choice. Save your changes.

API Access.png

In the Drive Settings check the Drive SDK is enabled

Make sure GAT is ‘On for Everyone’ and Data access is granted.

Recent changes to the Google OU structure means that GAT can no longer sit in a separate OU and audit the rest of the domain.

2. Allow cookies to be set in your browser by a third party application.
On Chrome go to Settings, Advanced settings, Content Settings, Cookies and select ‘Allow local data to be set’. Enable the same feature if you are on another browser.

3. Finally, if you upgraded to GAT+Email from GAT and you are not seeing the eMail audit option, remember you have to be logged out of GAT before you upgrade to GAT+eMail. You can not upgrade to GAT+Email if GAT Core has a scan running or waiting to run.


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