• GAT initial run problems

If you have problems running GAT+ for the first time it is usually a simple problem. Don’t panic it is easy to fix.

Has a super admin from your domain ever used GAT+?

To check if GAT+ is already installed click on your Google Apps button and navigate to 3rd party apps section, you should see the GAT+ logo.

Alternatively, you can navigate to your G Suite Admin Console, go to Marketplace Apps, click on GAT+ name and make sure it’s ON for everyone and Data access is granted, this post will guide you through the process.

Still having problems, do you need a fresh trial license?

Is your domain trying GAT+ for the first time?

Navigate to the G Suite Marketplace the tool can only be installed by a G Suite Super Admin via the DOMAIN INSTALL button.

You can not install from an incognito window unless you are signed into your Super Admin account.

Important Note

GAT+ should be installed in the root Organization Unit (‘/’ – marked as ‘On for Everyone’).

In GAT+ are some auditing areas empty?

  • Launch the G Suite Admin Console and select Security

  • Select the API reference and enable Enable API Access option.

  • Now navigate Apps, G Suite, Settings for Drive and Docs and click on Features and Applications

  • Select the root Org Unit and make sure that Drive SDK is ON.

Planning on using Email Delegation with GAT Unlock?

You can use GAT Unlock to remotely set mail delegation for any users account. As a Super Admin, you can give any user mail delegation access to another user’s account.

Navigate to Apps, G Suite, Settings for Gmail and click on User Settings.

Turn ON the option to set Mail Delegation.

Have you enabled Google Classroom auditing?

Launch G Suite Admin Console, and go to Apps, G Suite, Settings for Classroom and under the heading Data access enable Classroom API.


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