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Thank you for choosing to use the General Audit Tool for G Suite. We believe this is both the most complete and fastest audit tool in the Google Marketplace.

If you have problems running the General Audit Tool look here.

When you install the tool it is available to all users.

Non-Admin users can only audit their own documents, their own sites, their own calendars and groups of which they are a member.

Admin users can audit this and much more for all users.

After installing, you the administrator can completely control and restrict who uses or sees the tool.

Large Domains in Particular !!! Really pay attention to this section after you install GAT
GAT stores all your metadata in encrypted databases.

This means when you run GAT, the initial load time can be up to a few minutes as we decrypt your data into memory, once decrypted everything will be amazingly fast.

Are some fields empty? We don’t run some scans for educational domains because they are not necessarily appropriate. In addition to all domains, figures like collaboration can only be calculated over a period of time, so GAT needs to run for at least a week to gather up some behavior data.

Before using the tool you should also get a general idea of how it works. This will help you get the most from the Audit Tool, it is easy to use but also has so many features that are not always apparent. We strongly recommend you read through our Knowledge Base.

We also recommend you join the Google+ GAT Community page.

We have so much information to present we made nearly every field, icon and result in a link to more information.

Don’t be afraid to ‘click’ on every result and line to see what more information lies beneath.

If you installed the GAT from the Admin section in the marketplace and like the power of the Docs audit, we invite you to return to the Security and Compliance page in the marketplace and install the GAT+. This brings all the power of the Audit Tool to emails. You don’t need to uninstall GAT, just log out of GAT, wait for 10 mins per 1,000 users on your domain to ensure your scan is finished and go here to install a complete audit tool for document flow into and out of your Domain.

Finally, we are very happy to offer help so you can get the most out of GAT and of course, we are always looking for your feedback, to contact us on any issue just drop us an email at support@generalaudittool.com


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