3d illustration of Data sharing concept

How to find a File ID

Finding the file ID is useful when you want to perform an Audit of the File.
To find the ID of the file, we can avail to two different methods using GAT+.
For example, we can search for the owner of a file and the tool will display all files owned by that user.

When the folder is selected, the File ID can be seen in the general tab in File details.
You can use several other ways to find a file, such as using different search parameters, like owners, editors, type of files.
Description search is also another way of discovering File ID. See the example below:
Once the file is found, select it and i the File details and File ID will be desplayed.

Another way of finding File ID is via Google drive.

For example, if you know the file and you have it open on your device.
You can extract the FileID from the URL of the file, so, for example, the file can be:
“docs.google.com/document/1/d/1t8T28-rR5Kpx” – in this case 1t8T28-rR5Kpx is the actual FileID