How to Find Identical Files in Multiple Folders

Do you want to identify all instances of two or more copies of a Google Doc in different folders? This is now possible with GAT and the Drive Audit ‘Download Full Paths’ button.

find identical files with GAT

By default the ‘Drive Audit’ looks at the entire domain, but you can pre-filter by selecting an OU, Group or User before you press ‘Download Full Paths’. Pressing the button creates a CSV file download which you can then open and save as a Google spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet Column 2 shows the folders or labels and is titled ‘Path’. Column D shows the file Id. Files with the same id are identical. The results are grouped by ‘Id’

'Download Full Paths' feature in GAT

To highlight the files that appear as two or more copies follow the following steps.

Select Column D. Then select ‘Format’ from the top of the sheet, from the dropdown menu choose ‘Conditional Formatting’. A new table will open on the right hand side of your sheet. From here your range (Column D) should already be filled in, choose ‘Custom Formula is’ from the ‘Format Cells’ selection and add the following formula =countif(D:D,D1)>1

All rows with matching file id’s will now be highlighted by the ‘id’ cells having a green background. See screenshot below.

'conditional formal rules' feature