How to Find the Number of Emails Each User Sent and Received in a 24 Hour Period

GAT+ in the Marketplace

From the GAT main screen, go to the email audit.

GAT dashboard

Add the dates to capture the previous 24 hour period.

In GAT, add dates to capture 24 hour period

Hit, ‘Search Emails’ to return all the emails for that period.

For everyone just leave the other fields blank.

For the members of a group, add the name of the group to the ‘Local User/Group’ field.

Likewise for an individual user.

Next click on the ‘Sender/Receiver’ table to open up that table.

(More below ….)

After you open the table, you will see all the users in your domain the first two columns, The first column shows the number of emails each sent, the second column shows the number of emails each received (including, cc’s and bcc’s.)

It also shows you who the senders were.

You can then export this information to a spreadsheet.

The largest Google Apps customers in the world trust GAT.

It has become the gold standard for accuracy and the benchmark by which to judge other audit tools.