How to find your Organisation’s Top Collaborators

Tech Tip – How to find your Organisation’s Top Collaborators.

Part of the power of GAT 4.0 (and greater) is the rich CSV reports it can produce.  These can leave you with a large number of options for rich post-processing of reports.  In this Tech Tip example, we are going to show you how to find your organisation’s Top Collaborators.

First, run the GAT and under Docs select ‘Show Advanced Search

From here, select  ‘Owners’ and add your domain name.  This ensures all the documents selected are from your domain.  Hit ‘Search’ and the report is instantly generated.

Next, select the yellow box ‘Open to Internal’

And finally, select ‘Export to CSV’*

*Please Note: The maximum size of any Google spreadsheet is 400,000 cells. Each row of our CSV has 29 cells, therefore if you have more than 13,793 records we can not generate a CSV.

We suggest adjusting the date window to an appropriate size.

This last step will create a file in your Google Docs account called

Docs Open to Internal not deleted with Owners []

Open this spreadsheet and in the bottom left of the sheet, select ‘+’ to add a new sheet

Select the new sheet, ‘Sheet2’.  On the new sheet in cell A1 add the instruction

=query(‘Sheet 1’!C:F; “select C,F where F > 0 order by C asc”)

In cell D1 add the instruction

=query(‘Sheet2’!A:B; “select A, Count(B) group by A”)

In Cell G1 add the Instruction

=query(‘Sheet2’!D:E; “select D,E where E > 0 order by E desc”)

You will now have identified the organisation’s ‘top sharer’s out of docs

Once you have the data isolated you can then Graph the data

Simply select columns G and H and from the options at the top of the page, select ‘Insert’ and ‘Chart’.

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