How to remove GAT Shield

If you installed GAT Shield on a trial it is a good idea to ‘clean up’ after the trial. Removing GAT Shield reporter is easy, it will be removed when you remove GAT+. However you must not forget to also remove the GAT Shield extension. You do this by returning to the Chrome Device Manager on G Suite Admin console.

In your Admin console.

Select ‘Device management’ and one of the choices you will be presented with is the option to manage your Chrome devices. Select ‘Chrome Management’.

Having selected that choice, you should next select ‘User Settings’. Then selecting the ‘root’ Organization Unit, scroll down to find the selection ‘Force-Installed Apps and Extensions’. By selecting the root OU this extension will be applied to every chrome device and browser (including on PCs and MACs) on your domain (except Chrome for Android). If you deployed on a sub-OU also you need to select that sub-OU.

From here you select ‘Specify a Custom App’.

Find the Shield Extension IDs (one or two depending on what you deployed). There are

  • khbkdfddenodbcodjcnfpgogceaegjpa


  • ipjhmihnfkijoeogfaedonidfncegkfe

Select and remove both.

If you installed the ‘GAT Shield Device Verification’ extension for serial number collection, then goto the Chrome App Manager and remove ‘GAT Shield Device Verification’.

As each Chrome device or browser reboots or restarts GAT Shield disappears.