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How to set up pre-approval for Super Admins

To enable pre-approval for Super Admins navigate to the Configuration section of GAT+ and enter the security officer area. 

Once there click on the Pre-approved Tab and click on the plus icon “Add new pre-approved access”. 

Your security officer will have to select you (super admin) to have pre-approval over users across your domain. 

This is ideal for situations where Admins do not need to get constant approval to view/download or remove emails. An example would be in an education domain where the Super Admin would have full open access (view/download or remove emails) for all Student OU’s but would still have to get selective approval from the security officer to access an in the Staff or HR OU.

For a single OU level add a value like /Staff (Note, this will not grant access to the OU /Staff/IT unless “Sub Org. Units equals Yes!).

In the above screenshot I put Anna (Super Admin) to have pre-approved access to the entire domain by select / for the Org Unit and I made sure to cover all Sub-Org Units. / means the root User Org. Unit. She has access to remove and add email delegations as well because I enabled the last two option which are “Can remove?” and “Can add email delegation”.

The Admin should now see something like this when they click on ‘Access permissions granted’ in Email audit. 

Every time admins enter the Email audit area they need to apply the Granted pre-approval privilege then carry out the search for the email(s) in question and next to each email there will be an action column visible.