How to Show Events for a File or Folder in your G Suite

A G Suite admin can measure the events occurring to a single document that is in question.  

To do this, select Drive Audit – then click on ‘Apply custom filter’ – select the search parameter to Title  – matches – and enter the title of the file. Then select apply.

Once the file is found select Events button as shown – This will display all the events which occurred to that document in chronological order. The User column indicates the user carrying out the action and the Date reflects the time in which it occurred.

Generate a report on who edited or viewed contents of a folder.

This a typical request by super admins, if you require a report to see which users internally or externally viewed or edited the contents of a folder, you can achieve this with the Events tab within Drive audit.


In the Files tab in Drive audit, click on the familiar ‘Apply custom filter’ button.

In the menu which appears, select your way to find the folder.

Once the Drive result table populates with data, click on the Events Tab. The Events tab will show all of the actions taken on the folder which you have selected.

While in the Events Tab, click on the ‘Events Filter’ and filter for a specific action or event you are interested in investigating.

In the menu which appears, apply the following parameter. Select the OR operand first and apply the following options.

  • Event equal Edit
  • Event equal View

You will now only see events which are View OR Edit on the contents of the folder.

You can then export this data for record keeping.