How to Transfer Ownership of Google Drive Files (GAT+ and GAT Unlock required)

Step 1:
Select the files you wish to change ownership of.
Step 2:
Then to notify the affected users of the files about to have an ownership change select the ‘File Operations’ dropdown menu and select Remove Permissions.
Once they run the permission changes report while selecting the REPORT ONLY setting.
changes report while selecting the REPORT ONLY setting
This will make sure no changes happen here.
Step 3:
Select notify ‘Owners’.
You can add a message to the users. When you run the report each affected owner will receive your message, along with a list of the files they own that are affected.
This entire above step is optional.
Step 4: 
Again select the File Operations drop-down. This time select ‘File Management’
select the File Operations drop-down
Here you can add the account that you want to change ownership to.  This can be your account or the archive account.DO NOT select ‘Recursive’. That was already part of the original search.
Step 5:
If you do not want the existing owners to be editors then select ‘Remove other permissions’. This will remove all other access permissions, including readers.
The files will be put under a new top-level directory in the archive account. One top-level directory will be created for each old owner and their files will be put in the hierarchy tree they are in now, except under a new root folder.


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