Identify All Externally Owned Documents with GAT+

External owned documents and what folders within my domain they live in.

All externally owned documents are very easy to identify in GAT+. They are shared in. In the Drive Audit simply click on the word ‘In’.

Here you can also see the shared in document count. Once selected you can then sub filter by document type.

The selected document will appear in the table below the filters

For each document, you can see the folder or folders that each particular document exists in. Many files may not exist in folders having only been opened by an internal user and not added to a local folder. These exist in the root ‘My Drive’ for each user.

The Admin can save a full and specific spreadsheet of all shared in file paths by clicking on the button ‘Download Full Paths’. This will create a spreadsheet showing the local path or paths for every file shared in.

Admins can also create a visual to the paths for all folders and all users by clicking on the button ‘Drive Folders Tree’

This will draw the folder tree in layers up to 3 deep for the shared in search results. You should note that because of the size of trees, this visualization works best for narrow filters, say like ‘presentations shared in’.