Logging All Email to or from a Specific Address

A common task for Admins and Auditors is to keep a daily log for emails to specific addresses.

The log can be used to determine workload or communication monitoring.

GAT makes this task simple.

Let us look at an example of a daily log of email sent directly to ‘support’

This example will find only emails sent ‘To’ the support. You can use different options such as where ‘Support’ was cc’ed or bcc’ed.  

You will see you have a selection of search filters in the ‘General Search’, these are

SubjectSelect emails where the subject matches the string
FlagsSelect set up flags for the email such as alias, delegated, shared in/out, bounced, Google calendar notification and so on  
FromSelect where the search address is in the ‘From:’ position
TagsUser (Admins and Auditors) custom created tags marked with Emails and Files
ToSelect where the search address is in the ‘Sent To:’ position
CCSelect where the search address is in the ‘cc:’ position
BCCSelect where the search address is in the ‘bcc:’ position
Sent/Received dateSelect from where the email was received or sent

Selecting the ‘To’  support group, we choose what time period to search for.
We choose ‘Received date’ after 30th date and before 31st date.  

After the ‘Definition’ is selected, we select ‘Scheduled’ and apply the occurrence, having also the option to choose the recipients.

You can see the search policy is automatically carried through. You can select the run period, in this case, we selected ‘every day after midnight’ (this will be midnight your time if you set your timezone in GAT).

GAT+ will move the report automatically 1 day forward. So if you select a day, the next start date will be today’s date+1. If it was a weekly schedule you picked it will be today’s date+7.