Monitor Chrome Devices by serial number | GAT Shield

GAT+ Shield has 3 category selection for choosing what section of users are monitored.

Admins can now choose to monitor by what networks the users are on (only on premises for example), by what users or groups have been explicitly selected or by what device the user is on (only school owned Chromebooks). All three categories allow selections that can be either included or excluded. All three can also be combined.

Admins can select to monitor by Chrome Device, based on device serial number. Admins can also select all registered Chrome devices at once. This is particularly useful for schools as it allows Admins only to monitor activity on school owned Chromebooks.

An admin can perform IP Mapping – which allows them to add an IP address and set it up to a specific name. The IP can be added to a meaningful name for convenience and visibility on other sections, where the IP is visible.