Monthly Group Email Report

This document describes a very specific use-case where it is required to produce a monthly email usage report covering the users in a Google group.

The report results will be in the form of a spreadsheet and is designed to be run on the first day of the following month. The results will be the aggregated list of all users from the group, all the email stats for the individual day and the aliases they use.

To create this report.

1. Select ‘Email’ under Audit section on the left hand side.

2. Select ‘User statistics’ and ‘Daily Statistics’.

3. Apply custom filter.

4. Fill in the details for the report.

5. Select – Apply & Schedule

When you create the report you have an option to add different recipients.

The report will be generated at the first day of each month. It will be located in the recipients My Drive – GAT – (your domain) – DailyEmailUserStats – (date).

This Google Spreadsheet will contain email information for each individual user of the ‘Sales’ group.

The ‘User’ tab shows the user, the ‘Email’ tab shows the (alias address), the ‘Date’ shows each day. In the case we have emails from 01/03/2019 showing two times, this is because we show user activity emails from the user perspective and one time from the alias perspective as it is the same user but the email  interaction is via the alias.

The report is shown for one user per each day, per alias for month, then the next user is shown again per day, per alias.

The dates for this report will be automatically changed and adjusted and next time it runs at the start of the month, it will be for the past month.