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GAT Shield's Recursive User OU Search

GAT Shield now has recursive user ou search in shield browsing…
Modern email, phone and internet devices used by businessman '3D rendering'

File Exposure Report: Find Folders/Documents in Google Drive Shared Outside the Organisation

To find and list of files being shared outside of your domain…
google drive logo on a tablet

Control Sharing in Team Drive: Get a List of Users' Access to Team Drives

G Suite admins need to ensure they are fully aware and in control…
highlight suspended accounts

G Suite Account Activity Reports: Identify Suspended Accounts

A feature that was very popular in our old UI is now available…
discover and identify inactive google groups with this feature

Discover and Identify Inactive Google Groups

Having trouble finding unused inactive groups? GAT+ has an audit…
Google Drive app on phone

A New Range of Searches in GAT's New Drive UI

GAT+ Drive audit new UI has introduced a whole range of…