Devices missing? or you just need to be told when someone is on-line?

GAT Shield has now added a 'Device Usage' alert. An Admin configures the rule with either the device serial number or the last known user, or both. If GAT+ detects either of these flags, the Admin will immediately receive an email with the…

Documents shared internally of your Google users

 We had an interesting support question on how to see internally shared docs. Under Drive Audit to see all documents that are shared internally simple click on the link that says 'Open to other users of this domain' However there is more…

Whitelist sites where an alert rule won't apply with GAT Shield

GAT+ Shield now allows Admins to whitelist sites where an alert rule won't apply. A great suggestion from some of our Admins and one that should reduce a lot of unwanted Alert noise.

URL Filtering with GAT Shield

GAT Shield adds Group and OU filtering for URL filter Rules. These are designed to apply a particular rule to a Google Group or OU.

Need to remove a large number of emails at once?

A very common situation arises when an email is sent in error, a spam attack occurs, or a phishing email is sent to many accounts. The Admin needs to remove all copies at once. GAT with Unlock lets Admins do this quickly and simply. Find the…

Publicly Shared Files in G Suite - How to Address with GAT

You may find that on your domain a large number of the User’s Google Docs are public. There is a possibility that not all of these public shares were intentional. With GAT, an Admin can remove Public access in two different ways. The Admin…

Protect your organisation from account theft with GAT+

GAT has now extended the number of Email change alarms to better detect unusual behaviour and to indicate compromised Gmail user accounts. Admins have indicated changes in these characteristics are often associated with account theft. (Corrects…
SSN detection alert GAT Shield

SSN detection alert with GAT Shield

GAT Shield has updated it’s Social Security Number detection alert. If you had the old alert enabled, employ the new reg. ex. to be found in the ‘Template’ rules, or deploy the rule fresh from the template. The reg. ex. matches any valid…

Drive Audit "Click to view" your Google Users Docs.

Following the deployment of the Admin 'Click to View' feature for all Emails on the domain, GAT+ is now deploying 'Click to View' for all Google Docs. This should make Admins lives much easier.

GAT email auditing. View emails in "safety"

View emails in safety. Not only do we show you the body content, we break out images that are links to let you examine the URLs, isolate attachments for you to download and give you a email full header analysis.