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News about GAT, GAT Shield, GAT Unlock, and GAT for Managers

How to Find if the Contents of a Folder Changed

Here is a frequent question we get from our G Suite super admins…
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Remove Everyone as an Editor

Removing Everyone as an Editor (where ‘Everyone’ means the…
3d rendering Red stop symbol and yellow folder network

Prevent MP3 files and other file types from being downloaded

Using the real-time alert rules within GAT Shield an admin can…

How to Create a Report About Devices Not Synced Within the Last 30 days

This report will show us which mobile devices are no longer synced…
Search for 2 or more users at one using GAT

Ways for GAT to Search for Two or More Users at Once

Examples of the different types of searches GAT can perform.…
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Detailed Audit of External Shares

In this post, we will discuss how you can handle and audit external…