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Automatically Block and Approve URL Sets with GAT Shield

Automatically block certain Sites during specific times of the…
File transfer. Two laptops with folders on screen and transferred documents. Copy files, data exchange, backup, PC migration, file sharing concepts. Flat design graphic elements.

[New Feature] Additional 1 Click Reports

GAT+ has added 4 new '1 Click' reports to make life easier for…
document folder with label audit

See Your Users' Activity on Google Sites

If you are using the New Google Sites you can view the Events…
click on search bar

Searching for Every Email in Users Gmail Account

Gmail Search is a live search for your entire domain.This allows…
Eport button on a lack windows keyboard

How to Export and Update Your Google Groups

In GAT+, it’s possible to export all your Google Groups including…
delete an email

[Video How-To Included] Delete Spam, Inappropriate or Accidental Emails There are multiple…