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News about GAT, GAT Shield, GAT Unlock, and GAT for Managers

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How to Show Events for a File or Folder in your G Suite

A G Suite admin can measure the events occurring to a single…
document folder with label audit

Apply a Search Filter in Google Drive Audit

Searching for files of a user/editor/reader etc In GAT's…

Measuring user engagement over the last 90 days

We can measure user engagement over the last 90 days (by counting…
Creative depicting a security breach. It shows a woman employee in an office in front of her company computer

How to Use GAT to Detect a Sharing Policy Violation

Using GAT to detect a sharing policy violation   This…

Google Drive Use Productivity Measured

In the new Drive UI, under Users audit, we have added a tab…
change access rights with GAT

How to Best Deal with Docs from Leaving Google Users

An issue that comes up from time to time is how best to deal…