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News about GAT, GAT Shield, GAT Unlock, and GAT for Managers

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GAT Search Choices Explained

New Filters One of the key features of GAT+ is it’s very…
change access rights with GAT

Access Scope of Delegated Auditors

Education, business and enterprise domains usually have a few…

'Role' Reporting in the Users Audit

GAT+ has added 'Role' reporting to the Users Audit. This will…
File transfer. Two laptops with folders on screen and transferred documents. Copy files, data exchange, backup, PC migration, file sharing concepts. Flat design graphic elements.

'Copy this Folder' Feature

GAT+ has introduced a very powerful feature as part of it's…

Who Read What Document and When?

This question comes up from time to time and GAT makes it easy…
3d illustration of Data sharing concept

How to find a File ID

Finding the file ID is useful when you want to perform an Audit…