On/OffBoarding – How to modify one user

How to Modify one user

  • Launch GAT+
  • Under Configuration select On/Offboarding
  • In Create workflow tab on top
    • Set up workflow name
    • Select Workflow type to Modify 
    • Under the Users tab select Users (you can also select groups)
  • Select the user you want to Modify then – Add selected user
    • Note: To modify multiple members of a Google group – Under Users select Groups and pick the one you would like to Modify.
      Pop up window will be displayed with all the users from the group, you can review then Approve.
  • Under Actions you will be prompted with many different options to modify the selected users.
  • For example: 
    • Handle admin privileges – making the user admin
  • Change ChromeOS device status – Select Deprovision and choose the Reason
  • Set up Email signatures
  • Select Folder permission change, select the folder and edit the permissions by adding the user as Editor.
  • Once you choose the actions to be taken Send approval request at the bottom of the page.
  • Pop up window will be displayed, review the changes and click on Request approval
  • You can view the result in Workflow results
  • You can click on each of the numbers in the table they will show details for what has happened for the specific action, if it was Done, Failed or Partially done.