Mark PDFs, images, and Microsoft Office files as offline in Drive, launching to beta

Google Voice Now Generally Available in Ireland

Quick launch summary

Google Voice is now available in Ireland. This means that:

  • G Suite customers based in Ireland can now sign up for Google Voice.
  • Google Voice customers in Ireland, or international customers with Google Voice Premier edition, can assign numbers with Ireland country codes (+353) to users.
  • Soon, customers will be able to port existing +353 numbers to Google Voice.

With this launch, Voice is now available in these 10 countries.

Google Voice is a cloud-based phone system that’s optimized for businesses of all sizes. Google customers can use it to deploy and manage phone numbers at scale with the intelligence and security of Google Cloud.

Google Voice offers:

  • Smart cloud telephony for end users
  • Simple provisioning and management for admins
  • Easy adoption and migration at scale


Google Voice is available to all G Suite customers in supported countries through an additional license. Find more information about Google Voice availability and pricing here.

Mark PDFs, images, and Microsoft Office files as offline in Drive, launching to beta

What’s changing

You can already make Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files available offline. Now, as part of a new beta, you can mark also PDF, image, Microsoft Office, and other non-Google files for offline access using Google Drive on Chrome.

To learn more about the beta and to apply, see here.

Who’s impacted

Admins and end users

Why you’d use it

This feature helps complete the offline experience for Google Drive. Now, users can access their important non-Google files in an offline setting, like when they’re traveling or when there’s poor internet connectivity.

How to get started

  • End users:
    • First, enable offline from within the Drive or Docs settings.
    • Next, sign into Chrome with the account associated with the whitelisted Google Group and access Drive File Stream.
    • To mark the non-Google files as available offline, right click on a file and select “Make available offline.” You can use the offline preview feature as well.

Additional details

Note that while this feature is not currently supported in ChromeOS, Google is working on bringing these offline capabilities to ChromeOS in the future.

Additionally, users can also right click and open any non-Google files using native applications. By doing so, you can make an Office file available offline and—while offline—open that file using the native Microsoft Office application.

Helpful links


G Suite editions 

  • Available to all G Suite editions

On/off by default? 

  • Once accepted into the beta, this feature is ON by default when:
    • Offline is enabled for the domain.
    • Users have Drive File Stream installed and offline is enabled in Google Drive or Google Docs settings.

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