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Pre-approved Access for Admins to all Files for a range of Users

If your Super admins wish not to get Security Officer approval every time they want to make file permission changes or to view file contents, a security officer can give them pre-approval.

In the Security Officer section on the GAT+ sidebar menu, select ‘Pre-approved Access’ and then click on ‘+’ button to add a new pre-approved admin.

Once clicked a new ‘pop-up’ screen will appear.

Here the security officer can add the email address of the Super Admin, the OU over which they will have access, they can select a full OU tree and set approval access until a certain future date. In the above screenshot, I gave Anna (super admin) access to the entire organisation because I selected / and I covered the Sub-Org Units as well. 

Multiple different grants can be given by the security officer, including several to the same Super Admin, each covering different scopes.