• Product Prices

From September 1st, 2017. Price is per active seat per year. See detailed Price List.

US Dollars
• GAT Core $7.50 (Existing domains only, Core no longer available to new domains)
• GAT+ $10.00
• GAT Shield $10.00
• GAT Unlock $2.00
• Enterprise Bundle Price $18.00 (GAT+, GAT Unlock, and GAT Shield)

US dollars are restricted to North America and Canada

• GAT Core €7.50 (Existing domains only, Core no longer available to new domains)
• GAT+ €10.00
• GAT Shield €10.00
• GAT Unlock €2.00
•Enterprise Bundle Price €18.00 (GAT+, GAT Unlock, and GAT Shield)

GAT is licensed by active users on the domain this applies for all kind of Google domains. (Education, Enterprise, Non-Profit, Government,…) For GAT to work properly it needs to audit all accounts on the domain it is on.

Educational Domains.

  • Staff and students are charged at the same rate. If you have a staff only domain and deploy to that domain, we will charge the education rate for staff on that domain.
  • 95% off List price for GAT+, you pay 5%
  • 90% off list price for GAT Shield, you pay 10%
  • The Education Bundle includes GAT+, GAT Unlock and GAT shield for $1.5 per user per year.

Government Discount | 10% off across the board for all Government deals

Non-Profits and Charities | 50% off List price for GAT

GAT+ and GAT Shield minimum orders per domain is US$100 or €100.

Full product will remain Free for:

Private, test or family domains for Admins working with GAT in their business*, Private, test or family domains of Google employees*, Private, test or family domains of GAT reseller employees*.

* Personal domains are limited to 10 users in size unless by special request.


Any domain running an existing Audit and Security Tool, who wishes to trade up on features and down on price and think they might like to try GAT can install GAT for free for any 40 day period around their existing product renewal date.

I have near or more than 5,000 accounts, is there special pricing for large domains?
Yes. Contact us at sales@generalaudittool.com to discuss your needs.

We are a large premier domain, we have 30,000 seats, but the roll out is going slowly, we only have 5,000 seats in use, what do we pay?
We understand the issues, contact us at sales@generalaudittool.com to discuss your needs. We have no problem adjusting billing to work with you.

We have a premier domain from Google, but we get it for free from Google because of our status, is GAT free for us?
Should be, drop us an email sales@generalaudittool.com to outline your details and confirm.

We have multiple domains, but they are all virtual domains on top of a single set of accounts, do we have to buy GAT for each domain?
No, you should only have to buy it once, but we automatically charge by domain name so contact us at sales@generalaudittool.com to explain your circumstances and we will take care of it at the back-end.

We are a small operation, but we started to use the Google Standard edition before Google had any restrictions on size. We have 200 or more accounts but only 15 users, what is the cost to us?
We just charge you for your active users, unless the total is less than US$100, in which case we round up to US$100.

I have 9 users, really I should only pay US$45, why is the charge $100? We are geared for large domains, where we process a small number of large orders, in general processing an order costs us over US$100 per order.
In addition, GAT has both standing costs and running costs, while the running cost for a small domain is small, the proportionate share of the standing cost is the same as for a large domain.
If we can reach Google’s scale of millions of domains, we will review.

How can I pay?
Payment is by credit card through the tool, through our partners, through PAYPAL or by wire transfer. For wire transfer we will give our payment details on receipt of the PO. Orders based on company P.O.s have 30 days credit. P.O.’s by email are fine.
For those domains that require supplier approval, we ask you to start that process now.
For those domains that wish to purchase through their G Suite Reseller, we welcome that path and we ask you to contact both ourselves and the reseller. Resellers will first have to be approved by GAT.


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