How to Find Publicly Shared Google Files with GAT

You may find that on your domain a large number of the User’s Google Docs are publicly shared. There is a possibility that not all of these publicly shared files were intentional. We wrote a detailed article about how to manage publically shared files.

With GAT, an Admin can remove Public access in two different ways. The Admin can select the ‘Everyone’, ‘Everyone with Link’ or ‘Published’ flag from the drive audit table and click on this flag, select the remove link options available. Method 1.

However, that may also revoke access to documents intentionally publically shared. Therefore to address the problem we should a) alert users to their current situation and b) implement a plan of on-going monitoring and alerting and scheduled removal if necessary. Method 2.

This is a comprehensive post about how to manage publically shared files that you will likely find useful.

finding publicly shared Google files with GAT+

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