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Remove Everyone as an Editor

Removing Everyone as an Editor (where ‘Everyone’ means the whole world).

Many users are not used to the concept of external sharing, sometimes they may share a file to ‘Everyone’ with edit privileges.

Using the G Suite Admin Console finding these files which have ‘Everyone’ as editors is an impossible task, with GAT+ this is made easy.

Note: Sometimes there may be a legitimate reason to have ‘Everyone’ as a viewer, but there are very few circumstances where a company document should have everyone in the world as an editor!

Launch GAT+ and enter Drive Audit. Click on the familiar custom filters button.

When the menu appears, select the following search parameters:

    • Editors contains (exact match) everyone
  • Sharing Flags contains Shared in

Now I can see all of the files which have everyone as editors! So I will now remove these permissions. Click on the File Operations button and select ‘Remove permissions’.

In the menu that appears select the following configurations:

Enter the key term everyone in the field “Remove Only the following External Shares”. And notify the owners which were affected.