How to Report and Remove Files Downloaded by Users Using GAT Shield

GAT Shield’s Alert Rules allows admins to stop and report unsafe downloads by users on your domain.

Here’s the video how-to:

To do this, select the ‘Alert Rules’ section. First, we’ll add a rule for downloads. Then, we’ll name the rule EXE and PNG blocked. In the file extension box, we’ll put EXE and PNG separated with a semicolon. Checking to cancel ‘delete/download’ box will prevent a download from happening. And if it’s already downloaded, it will be deleted. We can then apply these rules to a User, Group, or OU. You can also exclude a User, Group or OU from this rule. In the end user action, you can pick what will happen if a user violates this rule. You can check report file name screen capture and webcam captured to see who downloaded the file and what their screen and webcam were capturing at the time of the download. You can also whitelist certain web pages whitelist rule will not apply.

how to set up downloads alert rules with GAT Shield for S Suite

If you unchecked the ‘cancel/delete download’ button, but have any reports checked, you will only receive a report instead of interrupting to download.

That concludes this GAT Shield how-to. Thanks for watching.