How to Remove an Email with GAT+ and Unlock

A very common situation arises when an email is sent in error, a spam attack occurs, or a phishing email is sent to many accounts. The Admin needs to remove all copies at once. GAT with Unlock lets Admins do this quickly and simply.

Removing an Email with GAT+ and Unlock

Select ‘Domain Gmail Search’. Search for all the emails. In the example above we looked for emails in any folder, newer than one day with a subject of ‘Accidental Email’

in:anywhere newer_than:1d subject:”Accidental Email”

Once the results are returned we go to the ‘View Email Contents’ tab and send a request to the pre-defined security officer to access and remove these emails

Once approved you return to the ‘View email contents’ tab, refresh the list, select the approved grant (it should now have a blue check mark behind it), click on the link and wait for the search process to repeat again.

When the results are returned press the trash can at the top of the results column to delete everywhere.

For any given email you can click to read, download or delete as per each icon in front of the email.