Replacing an Old Staff Member for a New Staff Member

How do you replace an old Staff member with a New staff member in all the files the Old staff member could view or edit.  This is a frequent task requirement for Admins as they deal with staff replacement or retirement. So much so, we decided to address it in a Tech Tip paper.

In the working example, we will walk through the case of a new teacher replacing a retiring teacher.

Are the students in a separate OU or Group?

If ‘yes’ then using the following steps search for all documents owned by the students and shared with the Old staff member. If it is a case that the users are not in any special OU or Group then you have to find them throughout the domain. This requires a different type of search, described at the end of the document.

Here is an example of searching for all the docs owned by the group ‘engineers’ shared with the user Mar.

Note, if the students are in an OU, the Local User/Group is blank and you select the OU from the drop down list of all organisations. Be sure to select ‘Owned Docs’. For the ‘General Search’, make the search type ‘Users’ this will return all the files where the Old staff member was a viewer or an editor or a commentator.

Once you press ‘Search Files’ you now have a list of all the files you want to remove the Old staff member from and add the New staff member to. To complete this step you must next select the ‘File Management’ tab in the GAT+ Drive Audit area. Once there you will be asked to select the files you want to change. In this case, you want to change ‘All’ files so you select the checkbox at the top of the column of checkboxes and beside the column titles. When you check this box, the ‘Add Selected’ button will reflect the total count of all the documents that need to change.

Press ‘Add selected (x)’ and then you will be presented with the button to perform the actions you require. 

Press the ‘Actions’ button and complete the form with the changes you want to make.

In the screenshot above we are removing the oldStaff member from all three positions they can occupy and adding the newStaff member as an editor. If you want like for like replacement, editor for editor, viewer for viewer, etc. You have to search for each category individually, using the oldStaff member id. (i.e. instead of searching using ‘Users’, search once with ‘Editors’, complete the steps and then again search again with ‘Viewers’).

Pressing ‘Next’ will give you a review of the changes you are going to make so that you can confirm or cancel.

If you press ‘Confirm’ an email will go to the Security Officer seeking approval for the changes. If the Security Officer approves then the changes will take place automatically in the background. Thy may take some time depending on the number of files involved.

Are the users scattered throughout the domain?

If yes, then you need to isolate the documents owned by the Old staff member. You can do this in two ways, 1) by transferring the ownership of the documents owned by the Old staff member to the New staff member before changing the other ACLs. This is best done using the G Suite Admin console. If you choose 1) then you just need to complete steps B) and D) below.

Or 2) you can use GAT to find all the Documents owned by the Old staff member and exclude them from your search results. To do this you first search for all the documents owned by the Old staff member and press the ‘Negate filter’ button. See screenshot below.

Step A)

Step B)

You then search for all the documents used by the Old staff member, with the General Search ‘Users’, see screenshot below.

Be sure to exclude documents shared ‘In’ as these are owned by external domains and you can not change their ACLs. Click ‘X’ beside ‘In’ on the results table.

Step C)

Next, go to ‘Recent Filters’ and combine the two searches.

Step D)

This now represents the file set you want to change. Once you have this file set, go to the ‘file Management tab and proceed as described above.