Report to Show Devices Not Synced in the Last 30 Days

This is a scheduled report designed to produce a list of mobile devices which have not synced in over 30 days.

On the GAT Home page, select ‘Devices’ and then ‘Mobile devices’.

Once there, select a ‘Last Sync from’ date of 30 days back and hit search (step 1). This will return all devices that have synced in the last 30 days. Next click on ‘Negate Filter’ (step 2). This will reverse the logic of the search and produce a list showing all devices that have not synced in the last 30 days. You can confirm this by looking at the search chip (step 3).

Next, you want to schedule this so that it becomes a nightly report for you.

Click on the ‘Schedule’ button and select ‘Mobile Devices Report’

GAT will automatically move the ‘report before date’ forward by one day each day it runs. This way the period is always trailing by 30 days.

Selecting ‘Policy’ means a report will only be sent you when devices match the selection criteria. As you clean up the non-syncing devices from your system the reports will stop coming.