How to Save Your GAT Searches for Later Use

One of the nice things about the General Audit Tool is that you can build detailed and complex searches. These searches can then be saved for use as audits, policy checks, or simply to be used again to save time.

In this tech tip, we are going to look at saving a search.

First, let’s build a ‘complex’ search.

In the screenshots below, I am building a search for all documents owned by members of the group ‘’, however, I want to exclude the member of the group sales called ‘’.

I would also like to narrow my search to spreadsheets only.

Finally, I’d like to save this whole search for later use as a single ‘click’

1) Find all documents owned by the group ‘sales’.

‘Clear Filter’ to start a fresh search.

2) Find all documents owned by the user ‘robert’ (remember to click ‘Search Documents’).

3) when the results are returned, negate that search to give us all documents not owned by the user ‘robert’.

4) Select ‘Clear Filter’ again and search for only spreadsheets in the domain.

5) Go to ‘Recent Filters’ and combine the last three searches using the ‘AND’ operator – click ‘show’.

6) This builds the single complex chip which you would like to save for future use. Select ‘Schedule/Save’ in order to preserve this search string.

7) Instead of scheduling the job as you would normally do, simply ‘Disable’ the job and click on ‘Update’.

This search chip will then be preserved for you.

8) When you run the General Audit Tool in the future, the complex chip you just built will be loaded automatically for you in ‘Recent Filters’.

Simply click on it to run at any time.