How to Schedule Reports for Top 10 or More Email Senders and Receivers

This post will show you how GAT+ can generate a report of all email activity for each user. The report can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly and will be generated in the form of a spreadsheet that can be sorted by the desired column. The report will cover both internal and external email.

To start building this scheduled report the Admin should go to the Users audit first select the group or OU to report on, then select the Emails tab, followed by clicking the Show daily stats link

From there, select the ‘Schedule’ link

At this point, the Admin will be able to choose the exact type of report s/he wants.

For the daily report, select as a schedule ‘Every day – after midnight’ or choose a custom Cron period. You can also choose the report type such as ‘New spreadsheet will be created for each day’.

You may also add additional email recipients for the report.

You can now also select both the number of results you want, the order in which you want them sorted and select from a wide range of sort fields. 

Once you have made the selection, press ‘Update’ and the job will become a scheduled job for your domain. A new spreadsheet will be created every day, cover the previous day. The Admin will be emailed a link of the spreadsheet.


An example of the spreadsheet output looks like this.

Freeze row 1 and then select any column of interest,  finally sort the sheet based on that column in the Z to A order to bring the largest numbers to the top.

Here is an example of a calendar monthly aggregate report

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