Search for Specific File Types and Change their Ownerships

Finding a specific file type is made easy with GAT+ using the powerful options available in the filter section.

In the filter area, you can use the search for parameter mime-type.

Here is a list of type mime-type searches:


  • application/photoshop
  • audio/mp3
  • video/mov
  • image/jpeg
  • text/css


For example, if we were searching for mp4 files which owned by local users you can do the following search in Drive audit.


Click on the ‘apply custom filter’ button.

Click on the ‘apply custom filter’ button.

You can then apply the following search parameter.

  1. Select the search parameter mime-type equals video/mp4
  2. Click on Add Rule button.
  3. From the drop-down option select ‘Sharing Flags’ doesn’t contain Shared in. This will ignore all files which are shared into your domain Note: you have no administrative control over files shared in.
  4. Click on ‘Apply’ to apply the search.
  5. You can name this filter search, and save it for later (this is optional).

Drive files filters

When the search results appear you can then select any mp4 file by using the ‘toggle selectable’ button.

'toggle selectable' button

Finally, once you have selected the mp4 files you want to transfer ownership of, click on ‘File Operations’ then select ‘File Management’ from the drop-down menu.

Select 'file management'

Enter the new owner in the field provided.

Enter the new owner in the field.

Your security officer will receive an email which will ask him/her to approve your request. Once the request has been approved the changes will occur.