Searching for Every Email in Users Gmail Account

Gmail Search is a live search for your entire domain.
This allows G Suite Super admins to search for any piece of text in any email in any mailbox across the domain. As long as the email is not permanently removed from the bin folder, Gmail Search can find it.

Note: this process may take a long time if you are searching through many accounts at the same time.

To start a live search to find emails from one user’s account, click on Search through messages.

"gmail search" tab in GAT.

Now in the Query box enter some limiting search operators to narrow down the possible results which are returned. In the below example I made sure to search through all folder structures across Gmail by using in:anywhere but I made sure to ignore Google Meet/Hangouts chat records by using -is:chat. The (-) symbol excludes chat messages.

"gmail searches" tab.

Enter which user you want to search through in the fields provided below the Query box. I searched through one users account. You can search through a whole group of users by entering a Google Group. Or you can search through an Org Unit and its Sub-orgs.

Now navigate the Recent tab, when the search has finished you can click on the green button, to show the result.

"gmail searches" tab in gat+

Once the results are displayed you can explore all the results returned.

GAT's "gmail search" tab.

Once the results are displayed you can explore all the results returned.

There are many things you can do from this point forward.

  • Send a request to your Security Officer to have permission to view/download and delete these emails
  • You can export the metadata to a Google Spreadsheet or CSV