Seeing Everyone’s Future – Getting Many Calendar Event Reports at Once

We recently introduced a greatly enhanced calendar audit. In addition to auditing the security and exposure of calendars, you can also audit calendar events, past and future. As with all GAT audits, you can audit for user, group, OU or the entire domain. This tech tip is a great way to see what everyone is planning going forward.

In the Calendars Audit, select the ‘Events’ tab.

  1. Set the period to ‘future’, this will show all forward events set for the next year.
  2. Ask to see only those created today (Select from today’s date, no need to put an end date)
  3. Click ‘Search’, it does not matter if no events are returned, a search chip has been created.
  4. This is the search chip, which we pass to the scheduler.
  5. To have this run every day, select ‘Schedule’

In ‘Schedule’ you can customize how and when you want to run this report.

In the example above we decided to run it as a policy, meaning it will only report when there is something to report.

We also created a Custom Cron expression, (click on the ‘Add your Cron expression’ link to be taken to a page which builds the ‘Cron expression’ for you and you can then paste this into the ‘Scheduler’ field. In our choice, we picked to run every day at 07.58 am.

This will give you a daily report, for all new future events created yesterday.