Select custom path when changing ownership of files

A new feature has been added to the File management function in GAT+.

When Ownership change is required, an admin can select the custom path where the files will be placed in the new owner’s drive.
Select the file you want to change ownership to, click on the Apply permission change to this file if you select an individual file.

Select File operations button then File management if you want to make a bulk change on more than one file.

Both of those methods will open File management. Add the new owner email then click on Custom path and enter the path you want the file to be placed in.

In the case below a custom path is FolderA/FolderB.

When the request is approved, the new owner (receiver) will have those two folders created and the files will be inside.

The naming convention of FM_1243246 will be removed when the Custom path is selected

The inside the folders will be in the same folder path as it was in the original owner folder tree.