Latest G Suite Google Groups Memo Requiring Your Attention

We wrote this post to give you a heads up on the latest G Suite announcement requiring your attention.

You, the G Suite Admin, should have recently received an email from Google stating the following: 

“We recently detected that the G Suite Google Groups setting Outside this domain – access to groups for your domain is configured as Public on the Internet, which means that you might have Google Groups that can be accessed by anyone on the Internet. We recommend that you review your G Suite domain settings for Google Groups to ensure that your settings deliver the desired balance between sharing and security. 

It is important to understand the privacy configurations of Google Groups and modify them as required to align with the needs of your organisation. Please refer to this help center article as you review and update the sharing permissions of Google Groups in your domain.”

Here’s how GAT+ can help you with that: 

GAT makes it easy for you to identify the Groups at fault and see exactly what permission they need to change.
Simply export the Groups table to see the extended permissions to get the answers you need.
google groups config

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