The Meaning of Colors in GAT+ Drive Audit

Color plays an important role in the Drive result table. It indicates whether a user is local to your own domain, if they are an external user or if it’s a public permission share.

    • Grey background with black text – Local user from your own domain
    • Orange background with white text – Are external users
    • Red background with white text – Are public permission either Public or Public with link
  • Black background with white text – Are suspended users and no action can be taken on them until they are active.

  • Green background with white text – Are root Team Drive folders. In all cases these are Owners.

When there are multiple users from the same domain either as Editors or Readers they will be clustered in the following format nth myOrganisation or nth where the nth value marks the number of users from that domain.

In this example, clicking on 4 will expand and list the user’s email addresses.