• Transferring document ownership in G Suite

How to transfer ownership of documents in G Suite?

GAT+ enables Google Doc ownership transfers.

Google Apps domain Admins are often faced with the challenge of transferring ownership of Google Docs between local owners or between external owners and local owners.

This is not doable with the G Suite Admin console.

Currently the only way to do this with the G Suite Admin common console is to delete the local user account and as part of decommissioning the account transfer the ownership of the deleted user’s documents to another active account on the Admins Domain.

GAT+ allows for the partial transfer of entire folder trees from one user to another without having to delete the original users account. This is accomplished by allowing the Admin to copy one folder in one user’s account to another folder in another user’s account.

Using the GAT+ Drive audit tool, the Admin can find any file or folder for any user on their domain.

Using a drop down beside the folder name, the Admin can then select ‘Copy this Folder’.

Once selected, using the secure workflow GAT ‘Unlock’ feature, the Admin can then select a user to transfer these documents to and also select a target folder.

The existing folder name will be preserved and the whole folder tree will be placed under the target folder. Admins can also specify a specific folder ID to have the contents moved directly into that folder.

If the files are externally owned, say by a gmail account, and if those files are shared to the local user in a way where the local user has edit rights to the files, GAT+ can also copy those files to a local user account. The account can even be the one to which the external files are shared. This will result in locally owned copies being made of the external files. File history and existing shares are lost.

Individual local files or even collections of files (say all spreadsheets owned by John) can also have their ownership changed. In this case the file is not copied, but rather the owner is changed and it is placed in the new owner’s drive stream. The existing owner can optionally be retained as an editor and existing shares can also be retained. The file version history is also preserved.

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