GAT+ Features and Tutorials

GAT+ Product overview: G Suite and Analytics
A Google Drive Audit
User Onboarding and Offboarding
GAT+ Users Audit Overview
How to Bulk Manage ChromeOS Devices
A Google Calendars Audit
How GAT+ Complements Google’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
How to Bulk Remove Google User Accounts
Email Delegation to Other Admins
Find and Fix Orphaned Files in Google Drive
How to Delegate Access for Members of Your Organisation
How to Bulk Edit Users’ Data in G Suite
How to Manage Groups in Your Google Domain
Scheduled Reports and 1 Click Reports for G Suite and Chrome
Google Drive: How to Navigate and Modify Folder Trees

See Google Drive File Activity & Events with GAT+

GAT Shield Features and Tutorials

Auditing, Reporting, and Security Tool for the Chrome Environment
GAT Shield for Education Domains
★ How to Install and Configure GAT Shield on Your Domain
View and Manage All Downloads Made Domain-Wide
How to Report and Remove Files Downloaded By Users
How to Stop LGBTQ Offensive Language in Schools
Manage Your G Suite Domain’s Chrome Extensions
See Searches Happening Across Your Chrome Devices and Browsers
View All Sites Your Users are Browsing
Track and Locate All Devices
Track Your Users’ Online Activities
How to Block Discord
Tag and Monitor Sites Your G Suite Users Visit
How to Create Scheduled Reports with GAT Shield
ActiveID: Continuous User Confirmation
How to Configure ActiveID

GAT Unlock Features and Tutorials

The Most Sophisticated Security Management Mechanism for G Suite
Manage Your Google Drive with Unlock
How to Delegate Access to a G Suite User’s Email Using GAT Unlock
Bulk Download or View Email contents
How to Remove Emails with GAT Unlock

How to Delete Spam Emails
How to Copy Google Drive Folders in G Suite?