White List Third-Party Apps for G Suite

White List Third-Party Apps

A frequent request we get is, ‘Can we ban all third-party apps and only allow the ones we want?’ That is now possible in Google Apps and can be refined using the General Audit Tool.

As a Super Administrator go to the Google Apps Admin panel

White List Third-Party Apps for G Suite

From here, under ‘Google Apps’, find the settings for Drive, General settings. Once there disable ‘Allow users to install Google Drive apps’.

Once done, only Super Administrators can add third-party apps to the domain.

Return to the Admin panel and select ‘Marketplace Apps’

Clicking on the ‘Add apps’ icon (shown above on right) allows you to select the appropriate third party apps that you wish to allow run on your domain.

Once you have added an App for your domain you can further refine the App use policy by using the GAT ‘Apps’ audit tool.

From there select the Apps you have allowed …

Add additional policy to that App by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol in the listing and allowing or banning the app for a User, Google Group or Organization Unit.

See here for a detailed explanation of that process.