Who Read What Document and When?

Who read what and when?

This question comes up from time to time and GAT makes it easy to find the detailed answer.

First, we find all the documents the person read (or ‘visited’).

In the Drive Audit, from the drop-down list of the General Search select ‘Visited By’ and enter the email address of the person you are interested in.

This will find every document ever read by that person.


However, we can refine this further…

Clearly, one problem is a person definitely read every document they created and you may not be interested in those.

To eliminate these, search for every document the person owns.

Then ‘negate’ this search by clicking the negate filter. This gives us a search ‘chip’ like this

  • Not (Docs not deleted with Owners [olive@bsn.ie])


Next click on ‘Clear Filter’ and let’s combine our two searches …

Select the ‘Recent Filters’ tab and you will see a history of all your searches for this session

Select the search for ‘Visited by’ and the ‘Not (Docs ..)’ search, combine with ‘AND’ and click ‘Show’


The result you get is all the documents visited by the subject, excluding those the subject owns.


Now to see when the person visited a particular document, find the document of interest, then click on the number of visitors to see the full visit and edit history…

Look down the list to see the exact visit time,

Click on the visit to see other documents visited in a 4-hour window, either side of that visit.


A follow-on question from this is how do we get daily reporting for all or some documents in our domain?

We have allowed for that too with a special scheduled job to cover daily or weekly reporting. To see how to do this look here