Google Drive: Who Read What Document and When?

This question comes up from time to time and GAT makes it easy to find the detailed answer.


First, we find all the documents the person reads (or has ‘viewed’).
To achieve this we navigate to GAT’s Google Drive audit. We select the Event tab, then we apply a custom filter.
For the search we enter the email address of the person we’re interested in, then pick an event type as “View” (you can select different options such as download, upload, print, created).
You can select a date parameter to narrow down your search results (If you don’t put date it will scan the user and event type and find every document ever read by that person).


The example in the screenshot below will display all events (view) by the user in the past 21 days(since the start of month).
Select “Events” tab, then apply the Query builder, change the Type to “Filtered Files Search” then select the user, event type and date.

However, we can refine our Google Drive searches even further…

Let’s exclude files where this user is also the owner of those files because we are only interested in files this user viewed which are not his own.

To do this export the results, this will create a spreadsheet where we can edit the owner tab to exclude the person you are currently searching for.

The result you get is all the documents visited by the subject, excluding the files he owns.

A follow-on question from this is how do we create daily/weekly reporting for all or some documents in our domain?

We have a post about how to schedule daily/weekly report on event activities on files you can read more about that below here:

How to Track Visitors and Editors