Who shares out the most documents?

Sometimes it is good to be able to quickly get a table of some key metrics. A common question is ‘Who shares out the most documents?’, often followed by ‘Who shares in the most?’.


Shares Out and Shares In

GAT+ makes answering these three questions very easy. In User Audit and select the ‘Drive’ tab.

In User Audit in GAT+ select the ‘Drive’ tab.

In Drive tab, you will see several columns which provide valuable file information for all of your domain users. The ones we are interested in are Shared out and Shared in columns. Click on the Shared out column heading, this will rank the table to show the least amount of files shared out by a user, clicking on the heading again will show the user who shared out the most amount of files.

click the 'shared out' tab

Both columns are sortable, so it is very easy to bring the top users in each category to the top.

Click on any number to see the details of the files behind the number, including who it is shared with, shared from, number of visits, rights, last accessed, etc.


Shares Internally

To find the top internal sharer of documents you can view the column “Internal”.

See internal shares

Sorting on this column shows who is doing the top internal sharing.

GAT not only allows you to see the big picture but to ‘zoom in’ very quickly.

Clicking on any one of the numbers shows you the files behind the number, allowing you to quickly identify who the shares are ‘to’ or ‘from’.